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About My Art

I have two main categories of work (although I often paint things that fall
outside of these categories when the mood strikes me).  The first is my "Tree of
Life" collection.  Trees of life often appear in folklore, culture and fiction, often
relating to immortality or fertility. My trees are painted in an abstract manner
with intricate detail.  Some are painted by placing tiny dots of paint all over the
surface of the canvas.  Others are painted by incorporating geometric shapes
into the tree form.  My second category of painting is a fun collection of work
based on El Dia de Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead).  These are a
lighthearted celebration of the traditional Mexican holiday that falls on
November 1st and 2nd of each year.  Or, you can celebrate El Dia de Los
Muertos as I do -- all year long.  
Spring Renewal
Day of the Dead Bathing Beauty
Collin Welsch
Collin Welsch